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The Best UK Web Hosting Providers

Welcome to UK Web Hosting. If you're looking for a web hosting provider based in the UK then you're definitely in the right place. We've taken an in-depth look at the best providers in the UK and rated them on a range of criteria. We've scored them on speed, storage, reliability and more. All of the things that we think are important when it comes to web hosting. You can view a list of all the providers we've reviewed below.

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# Host Price Space Rating Review
1Visit Vidahost£1.60100GB100%
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2Visit HostPresto£1.99100GB99%
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3Visit 123 Reg£1.99200GB99%
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4Visit JustHost£1.99200GB88%
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5Visit Fasthosts£1.99100GB86%
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6Visit iPage£10.0040GB84%
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7Visit HostPapa£2.99100GB83%
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8Visit GoDaddy£2.50200GB80%
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9Visit Web.com£2.99200GB73%
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10Visit BlueHost£1.99100GB70%
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Why Host in the UK?

Hosting in the UK used to be quite expensive but these days it's on par with the US in terms of price. If you have a website targeting UK visitors then you need to be hosted in the UK ideally. Hosting in the UK also has other advantages over their US competitors in that when you need support, it's right there at any time of the day.

Finding a UK hosting provider used to be a challenge as there were not that many of them out there. These days, there are literally hundreds and if you don't know what to look for them choosing a service provider to suit your needs might be difficult. The key is to read reviews and lots of them. This will give you an idea on what a provider performs like before you part with your hard earned money.